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Pizza - From Antiquity To The Newest Era

Date Added: April 24, 2010 07:09:54 PM
Author: prioadm98
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Pizza is an oven-baked, flat, disk-shaped bread usually covered with tomato sauce and mozzarella and various kinds of meat, salami, seafood, cheese, vegetables and herbs, which depends upon one's taste and culture. Pizza has existed since antiquity in different kinds and decorated with herbs, olives, raisin, honey, or nuts. In Italian, the word pizza denotes any type of flat bread or pie - either fried or made. Though there are a great many kinds of pizza in the Mediterranean region, it is Naples that witnessed the appearance of pizza first, after the tomato became a favourite ingredient in the 1700s. Naples has many records related to pizza since 1000. At first, it was called laganae, and later it was referred to as picea. Pizzas were baked on the fire and sometimes were folded to form a calzone. Naples was the first city where pizzerias appeared. They were installed with brick ovens which were heated with stones from Mountain Vesuvius. The chefs of those times ignored pizza as a dish, since it was primarily baked by the poor. Nevertheless, when pizzas covered with tomato appeared in the 1770s, pizza gained popularity even among Neapolitan royals. Pizza became very popular, which was depicted in the Neapolitan folklore. Easy to cook and economical, it grew into a favourite dish of the whole nation. A famous episode contributed to the popularity of pizza over the borders of Naples. In 1889 Italian Queen Margherita paid a visit to the city. She was told about pizza and wished to taste it. Famous cook Don Raffaele assisted by his wife was asked to cook pizza for the royals. They cooked 3 pizzas characteristic of that time: one with cheese and basil; one with garlic, oil and tomato; and one with basil, mozzarella and tomato. The queen stirred by the colors of the third pizza (it resembled the national flag) preferred it to the other two. Since that time this type of pizza has been known as Pizza Margherita. At the start of the XX century, pizzerias were opened in the USA because of a great number of Italian immigrants, and became very popular. However, even now the best pizza is baked in Naples, gourmands claim.
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