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How to Install Nike + iPod?

Date Added: November 18, 2011 09:07:38 AM
Author: Elevensissix
Category: Business and Economy: Global Economy
If you are a iPod user who loves sports, you cannot miss Nike + iPod which is a product released by Nike. This device allows uses to use iPod to record pedometer for you while you are running. With it, you will not feel boring from now on. But there are still some people troubled by what is Nike + iPod or how to use nike ipod. Here, let's make a shot introduction.   let's learn how to Install Nike iPod Sport Kits together. (Take the iPod touch as the example)   Step 1: Set the sensor to your shoes.   Step 2: Open the Settings of the iPod touch, you will find the Nike + iPod program, then run it. You can hit Sensor and then shake your shoes or walk several steps to pair the iPod and the iPod+ sensor.   Step 3: Then you can set the voice prompt as a male voice or female voice tone. You have to input your weight to calculate how many calories you burn.   Besides single exercise program, you may also make a fixed plan. Then you will find the time, calories, time-consuming and speed performance after t exercise.   how to install nike+ipod sports kitThe most interesting thing is you can sync your workout data to Nike+ official website through iTunes. Register an ID in the Nike+ official website, and then you will find a curve in the interface to present you the latest exercise. Ever important point such as speed changes will be marked. What's more, there are more option for you such as the Map, Trainer and so on. This nice software make you love running with iPod!   If you want to personalize a music to be background when you are running, ipod to computer transfer is just a nice helper for you. This software enable you to share music or other files between iPod, iPhone and iPad. You may turn to ipod to ipod website to get more details.   Note: Nike + iPod asks us to prepare a pair of shoes which can be placed Nike+ sensor. This kinds of shoes can be found in Nike whose packaging box will marked. You can see a small pit under the insole of the left foot which can be set the Nike+ pedometer sensor.   Hope the sports friend often share this things here.
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