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Ain't no high heels high enough

Date Added: July 15, 2010 10:31:25 AM
Author: fill-feige
Category: Blogs: Personal
Would you wear “armadillos” on your feet? Apparently not the three professional models who refused to wear wholesale handbags them on the runway of Alexander McQueen’s fall 2010 show, his last before he passed away. But Lady Gaga did for her music video Bad Romance and so did a few brave singer/celebrities like Katy Perry, who are known for their attention-grabbing taste in fashion. Although Lady Gaga managed to walk only a few steps with those style- and heel-defying shoes in the video, the outrageous footwear made raves with fashionistas the world over. What makes this particular pair of shoes “controversial” is not just its very unusual shape but also its sky-high heels, all 12 inches of them! That’s a foot of heel coach handbags! No wonder those three models refused to wear them on the runway; they were shoes waiting for a leg fracture to happen. Being a former model and high-heel devotee, I cannot begin to fathom the idea of buying them, much less wearing them. I’d probably be glued to one spot in a perpetual motionless state, afraid to move lest I invite embarrassment by falling flat on my face and managing to break a bone or two! I clearly do not understand the perverse attraction of some diehard fashion movers and shakers to the shoes but one thing is for sure, they must now be worth a lot — a coveted collector’s item after the tragic death of its designer, Alexander McQueen. While this pair of shoes represents the height of frivolity or for some the ultimate ingenuity, the high heels of buy coach handbags late have definitely raised the bar in design and heel height; they’ve got women scurrying to the nearest retail stores and malls to get their hands — I mean, feet — on them! Never mind that the dizzying height of the heels may cause severe pain and damage to the feet and legs, they’ve got women hooked the world over. And why, a sane person might ask, would women risk discomfort and sometimes irreversible damage to their feet, all for the sake of wearing high heels? Simple. They make women feel ultra-sexy and confident. The extra arching of a woman’s feet in high heels looks absolutely feminine and attractive because it forces a woman to arch her back more, pushing gucci handbags the chest out and the buttocks back, accentuating the female curves. A woman feels an immediate rush when she slips on a pair of high heels because standing taller than usual gives her an extra physical and emotional boost; it makes her feel more sophisticated, softer and more sensual than usual. High heels were not originally created with these purposes in mind, though; they were invented some time in the 15th century as a convenient way for male and female cheap coach handbags riders to mount horses. Whereas two-inch shoes might not fall into the category of “high” these days, back then two inches were considered the standard for high heels. While women from every social class can buy and wear high heels in the 20th century, high heels during those times served as a symbol of one’s social stature, reserved only for the elite and the aristocrats. But during the coach bags French Revolution in the 1700s, the use of high heels was discouraged and practically disappeared; they reemerged in the 1800s, this time solely as women’s footwear.
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