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Threat-less Smoking Device

Date Added: February 02, 2012 05:19:00 AM
Author: preeti
Category: Business and Economy
Today Electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarette has become the future of smoking. E-cigarettes are not only a safer alternative as against the normal tobacco cigarettes, but are also very cost effective. There are a number of benefits of using a smokeless cigarette over normal tobacco cigarette. The e-cigarettes have come into existence about a decade ago, but it has recently gained more popularity because of the increasing prices of the tobacco cigarettes. A big plus point of using smoke-less cigarettes for the smoker as well as for the people around him is that it does not create any secondhand smoke. An electronic cigarette works with the help of a battery and gives you the similar experience of smoking an actual cigarette. Research shows that using a normal tobacco cigarette can cause a number of serious health complications. A tobacco cigarette contains nicotine, a chemical that is found to cause lung cancer in humans. But, an e-cigarette does not cause any health risks or any side-effects as compared to a real cigarette. How does an Electronic Cigarette Work? An electronic smokeless cigarette has essentially three components - a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The cartridge acts like the e-liquid reservoir, the atomizer heats and vaporizes up the e-liquid for inhaling purpose, and the battery to actually give power to it. Using an electronic cigarette results in the release of a vapor like substance, which is inhaled by the smoker to give him a satisfactory experience. The e-juice or liquid that is used to generate vapor in e-cigarettes are available in hundreds of different flavor varieties. Electronic cigarette menthol flavored and tobacco flavored, are the most common ones. The electronic cigarette flavors also include vanilla, coffee, cola, strawberry and even Boston cream pie flavors. Once the e-juice in the cartridge finishes, you can replace it with another electronic cigarette refill with any flavor you want.  How to use Electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette can be used in a similar way as you use a normal tobacco cigarette. You can inhale the vapor and then exhale in the same manner as you do in a traditional cigarette. After using it, you will feel the same sensation and enjoyment of smoking the traditional tobacco cigarette. The only difference will be that an e-cigarette will not cause any smoke, ash, carbon monoxide, tar or foul smell that are caused by the tobacco cigarettes. About the company Electronic smokeless cigarette is in high demand today. is the best place where you can choose from the wide variety of electronic cigarette flavors and the best place where you can buy different brands of electronic cigarette refills. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your e-cigarette soon.
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