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Knowshon Moreno charged with DUI; has a license plate that reads ‘SAUCED’

Date Added: February 08, 2012 01:38:52 PM
Author: newnfljerseycheap
Category: Recreation and Sports
Knowshon Moreno was all but forgotten in Denver this year. He was first ineffective, then benched in favor of Willis McGahee, then, like everything else, eclipsed by the miracle of Tebow. His season ended in Week 10 with a knee injury. He knows how to get noticed on the Philadelphia Eagles jerseys highway, though. His strategy there is to drive 70 mph through a construction zone in a Bentley convertible with a license plate that reads "SAUCED." Works every time. Via Lindsay H. Jones of the Denver Post: Moreno, 24, was pulled over Feb. 1 while driving a Bentley at about 70 mph on Interstate 25 near Quincy Avenue and Union Avenue, according to a report by Denver television station KDVR-31. The posted speed limit in the area usually is 65 mph but is currently posted at 45 mph because it's a construction zone. Police gave Moreno a breath test and a field sobriety test and took the former Georgia star to a detox facility. He was charged with DUI, failing to have insurance and careless driving. He is scheduled to be arraigned March 2, court records state. The personalized license plate on the car Moreno was driving read "SAUCED," according to KDVR-31. No danger of being forgotten here. Driving drunk with a "SAUCED" license plate puts Knowshon Moreno in the sports criminal Hall of Fame. As far as I know, to be "sauced" means to be drunk. If the young, hippity-hopping whippersnappers of America have another definition for it, I don't know what it is. I hope it's not something filthy. Perhaps it even means that Knowshon Moreno, every time he leaves the house, likes to slather himself in a nice Bolognese sauce. Until I'm told otherwise, though, I'm clinging to "drunk" as the Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys proper definition, which would make it the second-least police-friendly license plate in history, behind only "PULMEOVR." The Broncos released a statement saying that they're aware of the incident and will continue to gather information. Just as soon as they've stopped laughing at his license plate.
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