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Learn More About Walking Pneumonia

Date Added: April 24, 2010 05:07:33 PM
Author: mchkenzie26
Category: Reference
Pneumonia is generally characterized by the inflammation in the lung and the abnormal alveole's filling with fluid. The causes of pneumonia are large in number and include bacteria, viruses and physical or chemical injury to the lungs. The typical symptoms of the disease are cough, fever and chest pain. Pneumonia is usually diagnosed with the help of X-ray machine. Some time ago pneumonia was a severe disease that brought to the death of many people. With the development of medical technologies at present the diagnosis of pneumonia doesn't scare anybody. The treatment methods depend on the cause of the disease. As pneumonia in most situations is caused by bacteria, the most widespread medicine for cure the disease is antibiotics. Your physician prescribes you certain medications, including antibiotics, and in short time you will be all right. In more serious cases you may have to be hospitalized and adhere to a definite therapy including special diet and physiotherapy. There is a type of pneumonia that is not so evident and this way some people don't realize it. It is famous as walking pneumonia and is a mild variant of the disease. If you suffer from walking pneumonia you don't have to stay in bed or to be hospitalized. Though you are sick, you still can perform your daily chores. According to the statistics, a lot of people suffer from this type of pneumonia, and approximately 75 % amongst them are kids. The walking pneumonia is contagious and represents a respiratory infection. Since a contagious person leads an active life and still communicates with people, the illness spreads rather fast, both to kids and adults. The symptoms of this variant of illness are similar to the regular pneumonia, but they are less apparent. So if you note that you have been suffering from cough for some time already and have running temperature, it is time to see a doctor. Although you are not disable, you still need an appropriate treatment. In case you don't cure your walking pneumonia it may result in serious complications. Don't try to treat yourself, never follow the recommendations of your relatives or friends about wonders-working medical products. Address to your physician, and you'll definitely be in a good health for years.
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