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Apple iPad First Hands-on Skype app

Date Added: October 14, 2011 06:50:06 AM
Author: Elevensissix
Category: Science and Technology
If you've lost sleep over the lack of a dedicated Skype app for your iPad, you can rest easy tonight knowing somewhere out there it does exist -- or at least a promo video does. Earlier today, someone over at Skype unintentionally (we assume) posted what looks like an ad for a real-deal app for the iOS slab. Of course, the evidence has since been pulled, but you can check out a ripped version (sans audio) after the break. It looks like the days of blowing up ye ole iPhone Skype are numbered.   We confirmed the self Skype and a few weeks ago and now finally we have among us: the popular communication service already has its own version for the iPad. The application comes free and your beloved tablet to take full manzanera juice device with a proprietary interface fairly simple to use and ability to connect to other Macs, PCs or TVs using both WiFi and 3G.Here you may interest in free ipad 3 music download. Hope you will like my recommend.      It also allows sending instant messages while chatting, Skype for iPhone should get themselves over the different iTunes Store as the hours passed, though it seems to be experiencing some problems for download on stores such as the U.S., where he appeared available first. While waiting patiently for me to call your door, you can keep an eye on the catch and then you review the promotional video already leaked at the time and you'll find after the jump.   Update: The folks over at TUAW had a chat with Skype's Rick about the iPad app, and she says you can expect most of the functionality to carry over from the iPhone. There are, unfortunately, a few desktop features, like file sharing, that won't make an appearance. Sadly, Osterloh didn't spill the release-date beans.   A native Skype app for the iPad has finally appeared, opening up your Apple slate for voice and video chatting with others on Macs, convert videos for ipad by Skype. PCs or even TVs. It's not listed as an update to the existing iOS app, but as a separate Skype for iPad download that's only shown up in certain countries so far -- at first we couldn't find it on the US iTunes but it finally appeared after some searching. Just like Skype for iPhone, everything works over both WiFi and 3G, but one key difference is the ability to instant message during video calls. Check after the break for the full release notes and the demo video that leaked in June.   Update: So, we've just taken the app for a quick spin via a 3G to WiFi call and it's laid out very nicely -- maintaining the familiarity of its desktop client. Getting a video chat started was quick with acceptably clean audio and mostly consistent video streaming (aside from an occasional freeze-frame). Whether you're in landscape or portrait mode there's access to recent conversations, and you can even start conversations within your current chat; we'd say that the former works out better for getting around, although it does make it hard to stay in frame. Overall it feels like a souped-up version of the iPhone release, and impressions aside, the gallery down below should give you a better look at what to expect.   Update 2: Just as suddenly as it appeared, it has now been yanked from iTunes stores everywhere. A Tweet from the official account says it went live "prematurely" -- your guess is as good as ours as to when it will return.   Whoop! This is a white lie! Or, at least it sure looks like it. Hopefully for good this time! Hope this function can out early!
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