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Interesting Facts About Weather Forecasts

Date Added: May 07, 2010 01:46:22 AM
Author: mazdelyn67
Category: Reference: Weather
Climate and weather take a very important place in our lives. Climate determines the environmental conditions, flora, animal world and plenty of other things. For instance, equatorial belt is known for high humidity and luxuriant vegetation. It's understandable that conditions of living there will be different from arctic zone. As distinct from climate weather presents conditions of the atmosphere during a short period of time. Weather conditions considerably differ according to the season. But even within one season they can be different. Weather changes affect not just the choice of clothes, but our activity as well. For instance, in case you are planning to spend a day in the open air, unexpected rain can overset your plans. That is where weather forecasts come to assistance. Weather forecasting constitutes scientifically-based assumption concerning the weather conditions in the nearest future. It refers to a definite place and a definite period of time. People used to assume the development of weather since the earliest times, but official forecasts appeared only in the nineteenth century. Forecasts of weather represent a result of gathering quantitative data about the current state of the atmosphere. With the help of scientific understanding of atmospheric processes it's possible to project how the atmosphere is going to evolve. There are different kinds of weather forecasts depending on their period. Short-dated forecasts are generally made for thirty-six hours. Long-dated forecasts may represent a term of 3 or more months. The accuracy of weather forecasts is in inverse proportion to their term. In this way, short-term forecasts of weather are the most accurate. It'll be cognitive to learn that the first forecast of weather was showed on television in England on November 11, 1936. Nowadays forecasts of weather are available not only on TV, but in the Internet as well. You have a chance to get to know weather forecast for any term in any point worldwide. Forecasts of weather help a lot in making up your plans – everything from clothing to wear the next day to when it is the best time to go on vacation.
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