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Scrub Emails to Boost Holiday Email Marketing

Date Added: November 23, 2011 08:16:47 PM
Author: AnchorComputer
Category: Internet Marketing: Marketing
It’s not too late to boost your holiday email marketing performance! Catching undeliverable email addresses before your holiday campaign deploys is one of the most effective ways to increase deliverability rates, maintain good relationships with ISPs and boost holiday response. Delivering emails to your customer inboxes this holiday season involves many components, some of which may block your email messages before they even reach your recipient. These issues can include email addresses with typos, changes of address, hard bounces, invalid, dead and reportedly bad email addresses.  Any of these problems can cause you to lose the opportunity of reaching your customers, damage your reputation with ISPs, and even worse, get you blacklisted from sending future emails.  Our Email List Hygiene service is your solution to combating these issues and getting your messages delivered to your customers. Our process is made up of a series of algorithms that check domain, syntax, deliverability, and mailbox validity.  After the process is complete we will separate “bad addresses” and help find an updated email address in return – where there is a replacement available. Anchor’s Email List Hygiene will: Verify email addresses are active Correct general format, typos and syntax errors Validate SMTP servers “domain knocking” Flag known “screamers” and hard bounces Suppress opt-outs and DMA’s “Do Not Email” REQUEST A FREE TEST ON YOUR FILE,  BEFORE YOU PROCEED… We offer an OBLIGATION-FREE test report and consultation to show you how many undeliverable emails can be identified and/or corrected on your customer and prospect file, before you use our service! CLICK HERE TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION
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