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All You Wanted To Know About Vector Graphics

Date Added: June 29, 2010 04:28:29 AM
Author: aliex93
Category: Blogs: Computer
The world of graphic design is unbounded. PC technologies have brought various changes and opportunities to the sphere of graphics. Nowadays PC graphics is getting much more accurate and clear. The most widespread graphic formats are vector art and bitmap (or raster) art. It will be helpful both for professional designers and for general computer users to get to know more about new possibilities of graphic design. Vector graphics represents the application of geometrical figures like lines, curves, points and others, so as to form illustrations in computer graphics. It is necessary to understand the destination of this tool to guarantee its efficient use. Vector illustrations make up an image as mathematical formula using shapes, lines and colors. There is special vector software that is designated to use this mathematical formula to built screen image of the best quality possible. Vector graphics is widely applied by professional graphic designers and even by amateurs that need to use some images to develop a certain project. Initially vector art was used in the air defense system of America. Nowadays vector graphics is still applied in military and specialized systems. Amongst the most widespread contemporary directions of vector illustrations usage is laser shows, when two perpendicular mirrors move so as to draw shapes on a screen. Vector illustrations are widely applied by such PC software as Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw and similar programs. Though vector images are famous for their famous for its scalability, it does not mean that vector illustrations are way better than bitmap graphics. Both formats have pros and cons. In fact, they are used for different purposes. Raster application uses pixels, and in such a way it is ideal for photo editing. Moreover, raster graphics provides fuller spectrum than vector application. At the same time vector images are widely used for drawing images from scratch. In such a way, nowadays you have great possibilities in graphic design. It is up to you to choose which program exactly is demanded for your kind of activity.
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