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All About Occupational Health

Date Added: July 03, 2010 10:56:09 AM
Author: varnessa19
Category: Society
No one is insured against injuries. There are objects that are regarded as sources of increased danger. One of these sources is a motor car. In accordance with the statistics, more than three thousand people die daily in car accidents. But unfortunately, you can get an injury even when you don't deal with things with potential risk of physical injury. Accidents at work represent the group of injuries sustained under ordinary conditions of functioning. An accident at work refers to an unexpected and violent event during business hours that results in physical damage to a person performing his work. To qualify the accident as a work accident there should be a link between the event itself and the performed work. There is a popular opinion that accidents at work have something to do only with factory workers and constructors. As a matter of fact, work accidents happen everywhere. Unluckily, work accidents can't be classified. You never know what is going to occur. But still, there are some fundamental principles to take into consideration in order to increase your occupational health and safety. Firstly, remember that a "wet floor" sign means that you need to take another route. Even if you're in a great hurry you'd better spend some time to go a long way round than end with a broken arm or a concussion. Be attentive to the path you're walking on and never try walking on wet floor. Another widespread cause for accidents is equipment used in offices. In case you're not certain how the machine operates, do not be shy to ask. Attempting to guess how the equipment operates may bring to severe consequence for you. Equally important is to keep your workplace neat and organized. For instance, if all the papers on your working table are in order, a sudden fire will be less hazardous. Furthermore, note that fire and security alarm should be checked by electric specialists on a regular basis. The cases of accidents at work are so numerous that it's difficult to name all of them. In any case, do not forget that compensation legislation is on your side. If you sustained a physical injury at work, you should file a work accident claim so as to defend your human rights.
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