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Injuries Resulting From Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Date Added: July 04, 2010 05:52:54 PM
Author: leaah28
Category: Society
Many thousands of people are injured annually - some very seriously - when they slip or trip and fall on a flight of stairs, a rough patch of ground or a dangerous floor. Since property owners are responsible for sustaining safety on their premises and warning visitors of potential hazards, they can be liable for injuries that occur due to injury-causing conditions on their property. Slip-and-fall accidents can cause many types of injuries, ranging from the relatively minor to life-threatening. A slip-and-fall accident can happen nearly anywhere, on private or public property, inside or outside. A slip-and-fall injury can happen due to hazards as follows: - Bad weather conditions (for instance, ice, snow, or rain) - Uneven sidewalks - Holes - Poorly lit or unmarked stairs or pathways - Slippery tiling - Unbalanced flooring - Rippled carpet - Foreign matters on the floor or walkway Typical injuries resulting from slip-and-fall accidents range in severity. An injured person may suffer bruises, broken bones, and scrapes that need minimal medical aid and heal comparatively fast. Other victims may suffer a catastrophic personal injury – a spine injury, a brain injury, or a burn injury – that causes lifelong damage and requires long-lasting medical treatment. In the worst case scenario, the victim dies due to his or her injuries. If this is the case, and the accident happened due to the property owner's negligence, then the death is regarded as a wrongful death and can be litigated as such. The sooner you file a lawsuit after the injury, the better. Most slip-and-fall injury claims are lodged within 30 days of the injury, as if you wait too long, it may look like you are trying to file a frivolous suit instead of a legitimate one. If there is a hint of frivolity in your case, you are more likely to get it dismissed. Most slip-and-fall lawyers will tell you that you should first consult your medical practitioner to see the severity of your injuries. This will prove that you did indeed suffer a slip-and-fall injury, and can be valuable in your case. You must keep thorough records of the medical care you got, and records of any work you had to miss and the amount of money it cost you. Any added costs, such as trabsportation, medicines, physical therapy, and the like should also be carefully recorded. If you happen win any slip-and-fall suits, these expenses can be repaid.
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