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Collecting Air Miles with Airline Credit Cards

Date Added: July 07, 2010 05:54:02 AM
Author: calitlyn62
Category: Reference
In today's rapidly increasing competitive market, credit card companies are searching for new methods to draw in more customers. Primary tactics among them are airline credit cards offering air miles to attract clients. These cards provide points to cover your airline travel along with supplementary rewards. These rewards enable airline credit card holders to receive freebies, such as free tickets from some of the prime USA airports. Airlines team up with financial organizations to provide an array of credits to customers, corporations or travel agencies. Regular business travelers will especially benefit from airline credit cards. This is quite efficient, convenient and economical if the credit cards cooperate with airlines which control the majority of a card holder's air routes. They merely need to use their card to acquire airline tickets, buy essential goods or pay for services, and this will allow them to accumulate many air miles. There are two types of cards, with affinity credit cards being, probably, the simplest cards to use. Typically, a card holder receives one mile for each dollar spent and a bonus for charging air tickets. He or she will collect miles every month. The downside is that some of these cards carry a hefty annual fee. Remember air miles deposited into your regular flyer account can have 'an expiration date'. Many airlines also have blackout dates. Once you sign up for the card, you may find you will get bonus air miles if you use it speedily. Travel rewards credit cards holders can use any airline. So, they have more flexibility to exchange points for miles. Capital One is probably the best known of these options, since it allows you to fly any airline without any blackout dates. Points collected through this program do not expire, and you can earn a free flight, providing you have gathered 15, 000 miles, but it is the price of a ticket that determines the number of points required. You can gain one or two points per dollar depending upon a program. The procedure of exchanging points or air miles differs depending on a credit card program. Affinity credit card holders simply redeem air miles through an airline, either by phone or on the airline's site. For travel reward credit card users, the redemption process differs by the program. When exchanging points, insure to check if there is any kind of fee included; exchanging miles for a flight within a certain term frequently can carry a hefty fee. For additional information about airline credit cards, visit
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