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New York The Island Of Misfit Boys?

Date Added: December 18, 2011 01:42:03 AM
Author: barstalk
Category: Entertainment: News and Media
Over and over again I hear horror date stories from my closest friends. They range anywhere from the perfect online date that never showed up to dates where all the guy did was talk about the ex. Here’s a few I’d like to point out: -The Bad Kisser. If she had to mention how bad you are, chances are you are horrible! And what’s with the tongue? -The Cologne Monger (nuff said) -The Mama’s Boy (Just run ladies). There’s a guys who respects his mother and then there’s the one attached to her hip. Cut the cord dude you’re a grown man!!! Aren’t you? -The Self Proclaimed Over Achiever. Meh, who cares if you did 15 triathlons? -The Stalker. If she hasn’t called you back the first 15 times… -The Prophet of Doom. Being a pessimist makes you sound defeated and bitter. -The Killjoy. Every time she makes a suggestion to do something fun, you turn her down. (Sigh) -The Egotist. I... I… I… I… Ayyyyyy…nobody cares!! -The Barbarian. We hate it when you’re rude to staff. They don’t have to put up with you. Trust me! -The English Professor. Every now and then we all mispronounce. I’m pretty sure I caught myself before you did. -The Broken Hearted. Dude let her go, if she comes back to you blah blah blah blah how does that dumb saying go? -The Penny-Pincher. Live a little. Reveal your super powers of bargain hunting for later and by later we mean after you’re married and saving for a house. -The Translucent. Open and shut case. If you look at other girls in front of us you clearly have no experience dating. Pros don’t get caught. Period. -The Married Guy-Dude, what are you doing here???
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