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Famous Life Quotes – Enrich Your Speech

Date Added: July 18, 2010 08:57:19 AM
Author: anxa95
Category: Shopping: Entertainment
When you read a book or a magazine or when you watch TV you may meet with quotes of famous people that are to the point of the conversation. A quotation in its wide meaning is usually used in text to underline the words of another writer or speaker. When it comes to narrow meaning, a quotation is a saying of a famous person that is wise and witty. These quotes are usually ended with the name of the person that said them. But there are cases when a statement is becoming so widespread that people use it without referring to the original writer or speaker. Reading quotations of famous people has a great impact on our mind. You possibly not even notice it, but these quotes touch philosophic chords of your soul. You begin to think of your mission in this world. On the subconscious level you concentrate on what you are doing in life and what your priorities are. It gradually leads you to better realizing of your personality and develops your soul. Another benefit of reading quotes is that you are able to show your brilliance in conversations with other people if you have such a chance. It'll raise your prestige in the eyes of people surrounding you. Just make sure that the phrase you would like to add is in place. In this situation it will sound really impressive. Otherwise the quote will seem as if you want to show off and will be taken with at negative approach. So in case you would like to impress your boss and pretty girls pay enough attention to reading famous quotes and use them in your speech. You will soon notice that people take pleasure in talking to you and consider you to be a smart and well-educated person. There are specialized books containing the quotes of great people on various topics. Having such a book in your house is a sign that you are a thinking person taking interest in philosophic questions. The World Wide Web is a good alternative to buying books with quotations of famous people. There are numerous websites including thousands of quotations by great men of all times. Begin straight away and you will soon observe positive changes.
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