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Date Added: October 18, 2010 04:15:59 PM
Author: david
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Education plays a vital role in building a nation and the implementation of educational system can create awareness and bring a reform in the society. Lagos being a populous and an important city of Africa is also concerned about this fact in order to increase the literacy rate through out the country. Thousands of young talented students of Lagos are studying abroad and when they travel back to their homes, they wish to book some of the available cheap flights to Lagos. The educational standard in Lagos is not poor but it still needs much improvement.   Most of the courses taught in the primary school level consist of many different subjects like Science, English, Mathematics, Nigerian language, social studies, religious and moral education, music and dance etc. Beside that at secondary level of education most of the students are offered to choose for themselves some of the major subjects. But an interesting fact is that Lagos has a separate kind of educational policy which is described as follows. Many of the families during their summer vacations travel to different places and on their return they search for the available cheap flight to Lagos and several other major cities and destinations.   If we’ll talk about the educational institutions in Lagos and the educational structure then the education system is categorized in the following levels, which is practiced throughout the country as well. The levels are   Primary Level – six years education Junior Secondary School Level – three years education Senior Secondary School Level – three years education University Level – four years education   Many of the important personalities of Nigeria have studied from several institutions of Lagos. There are many other institutions providing education of international standard and many students from other African countries also travel to Lagos by their cheap Lagos flights in order to get their higher education.
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