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Cognitive Info About Facebook

Date Added: December 27, 2010 08:02:30 PM
Author: asmhlyn67
Category: Shopping: Entertainment
There is scarcely any person today that has not heard a word about Facebook. It is a rapidly developing and extremely popular social network that started its activity in the USA several years ago. Initially Facebook represented a social network for students only. In order to become a user of the network any person was not just obliged to be a student of an American college or university, but he also had to register with an e-mail given by the educational establishment. With time it has become possible to apply any e-mails to become a user of Facebook. These days the Facebook network has become generally accessible. The foundation of Facebook is the development of different groups according to the living region, organization to which people belong (university, college) and, of course, interests. The groups can have different levels of privacy, for example, some of them are closed and are accessed just by the members confirmed by the inventor of the group. Within a group there is a chance to plan common activities, like parties and visiting theater or cinema. It's also possible to display messages on the advertising panel (for instance, if you want to buy or sell this or that object). The particular feature of Facebook social network is a special method of communication known as the wall. Every user of the network has the wall at his webpage for display of messages from his friends and other members. But nevertheless, the main factor of success is that Facebook social network has become a foundation for web-applications. Virtually any person gets an opportunity to create an application to Facebook. At the moment more than four thousand applications have been developed for Facebook. These applications include facilities for entertainment such as games and virtual presents, as well as useful facilities enhancing the possibilities of the service. The interest to the topic will remain sharp for long years as the development of web applications for Facebook has become a profitable business. In such a way, Facebook takes its place amidst the most interesting and promising social networks. In case you haven't been registered yet it is a wonderful idea to do it right now.
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