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Need Blog Traffic? Try Social Marketing Tools

Date Added: October 18, 2012 07:48:48 PM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Blogs: Technology
Social Bookmarking = Blog Traffic Blog traffic is the one thing that each blogger will say is their primary problem. You can find loads of programs on the web that claim to be able to get you more blog visitors but a lot of them provide nothing. In this post we will be going through how you can use social bookmarking as a way to get traffic to your blogs without using those traffic programs that simply do not work. One thing you have to know about social bookmarking is that the social sites themselves will be able to boost your site visitors almost instantly. Backlinks are another thing you will definitely get when you start to bookmark your blog posts. And backlinks tend to be one of the primary secrets to getting site visitors from the search engines. The best part is after you keep building these links the search engines will have a tendency to rank your site higher in their results. The way to do this is to sign up to as many high page rank social bookmarking Internet sites as you can. Some of the higher page rank websites are usually sites like Google Bookmarks, Hi5 and Reddit. But don't simply stop there because you'll find hundreds more sites that you will be able to leave your link on. Actually, your best bet should be to subscribe to about 50 of these Internet sites. You'll find lists of these websites by just doing a search in the search engines. Once you've got your list you have got to set aside Three or four hours to go through and join all these websites. Now each day when you add a new post to your blog you will need to take the hyperlink to that post and add it to every social bookmarking site. In the beginning you will probably find that this can take about 2 hours a day but in time you will be able to cut that down to about an hour. This method when done each day can present you with an instant surge in your website visitors. For those of you that don't have the time or perhaps do not want to join up to all these social sites you can get people on the web that are willing to do it for you for about 5 to 10 dollars. While that will help you preserve time on the subscribe process, you will still need to make your posts everyday. You may already be aware nevertheless you can find programs on the Internet that can submit your posts for you. The 2 systems that can do this for you are only wire as well as ping. fm. Your blog posts will be automatically submitted to these Internet sites when you use one of those services. This is indeed a simple system that will get you the visitors you need in order to start making more money. You should also remember that every time you produce a post and bookmark that page you will be building 40 to 50 backlinks to your blog which will in addition help with your search engine ranking. If you want to boost your volume of visitors, add to revenues and hold on to your customers longer - review our comprehensive resource for online marketing tools and email marketing tools at: at:
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