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Precognitive Dreams

Date Added: October 31, 2012 10:46:39 PM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Science and Technology: Psychology
Many people believe that these dreams are about seeing into the future. They can often feel rather peculiar, but the question is; what does this dream state mean? I had a client once who told me a story; he was talking to a traffic warden, who stopped mid-conversation to tell an elderly lady who was passing that she had a reel of tape stuck to the end of her walking stick. He clearly remembered that he had dreamt this exact scenario some days before. And this wasn't a one-off; it occurred often. He asked, should he channel it further? Or just learn to live with it? When experiencing such an event it's often the case that your mind is choosing to process the information and informs you that you've seen this event before. That way, you become convinced that you know what it coming. My client went on to ask; was he seeing the future? What's the difference between a dream like this and a premonition? I explained that a premonition is more of a feeling that you know what is coming, whereas a precognitive dream gives you a visual insight. Currently the concept is beyond human comprehension; however, precognitive dreams are not a new discovery. Abraham Lincoln was famously a precognitive dreamer, and there are instances even as far back as The Bible. As time progresses, our understanding is getting clearer. So, you're having pre-cognitive dreams; does this mean you're psychic? It is said that those who are naturally susceptible to the psychic world are more likely to have these dreams, but if we are to consider them a psychic event that provides an insight into the future, can you then change events before they happen? This is where lucid dreaming comes in. If you're working to control your lucid dreams then technically you're manipulating what happens in them so, yes - in theory one may be able to change the events of the future by being aware of what they are dreaming. That way, you can be prepared for the event before it occurs. There will always be the argument that these dreams are coincidences; some will claim they are the work of the Lord; others will simply call you a fraud. Only you will know how they feel to you. We suggest keeping an open mind. If you have a specific channel of thought when it comes to precognitive dreams, why not consider another possibility? Use our lucid dreaming how-to article to tap into your inner mind and try to manage what you see. To learn more about precognitive dreaming and how to Lucid Dream visit
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