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The Value of a Word

Date Added: November 09, 2012 05:09:21 AM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Entertainment: Sports Entertainment
It is interesting and also sad how words that represent the greatest things in life become so overused and abused. One of the best examples is the word love. We love everything and everybody nowadays but for some reason there is still so much hate. With using that word and any other word for that matter in such mundane and unimportant times we bring down its value and lower the expectations. I think it is time to pay attention to the words we are using - in other words be a little bit more conscious of our language. One of the things that I cannot stand is when fellows use the word love to represent their temporary sexual feelings. Don't want to go off on a tangent but I find it very dishonest and cowardly - and that is because hiding or disguising feelings shows that one does not own one's desire like a true man, and worst of all cannot communicate it. Tell the lady what you want out of the relationship right off the bat and then maybe, just maybe you wouldn't need to lure her into your bedroom by using such wonderful words for such simple intentions. Stop killing the value of the word. Whenever I think about love I imagine an old couple in their 80s - having been through so much misery and hardship and still caring for one another. They still have conversations together late at night that are full of meaning and enthusiasm. They hold hands and walk together down the street to cherish the last moments they have got left. When I say the word love I imagine a wife sticking around and taking care of her husband after he came back from a war and lost two of his legs. When I say the word love I imagine parents that have to raise a child with a mental disability and not blame anyone for it. When I say love I imagine a bond between two human beings at its strongest and highest point. Of course this little post is not going to change the world and of course in my life I have overused and abused words myself but I have realized it and now I catch myself when doing so. This might seem like a little thing to you but trust me when you start using words only when they are appropriate you feel so much better. It is almost like you know that you are being true to yourself and to everyone around you and what can be more beautiful than that? Hello dear reader! My name is Avo. Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy what you are reading. Don't be shy to leave comments, suggest things or disagree if you have a different point of view. This is a place where we discuss things and learn from one another! Visit my website:
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