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Difficulties of Learning

Date Added: November 16, 2012 04:48:40 PM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Recreation and Sports: Toys
Children's lives are in a continuous learning phase, many children are aware of this, and you might even catch them speaking or thinking out aloud on how many things they learn while playing. They might be regurgitating things like, "read the clock", "tie their shoes", "draw kittens" and "tidying up the room". It 'something that needs to be done every night before going to sleep, to help on their cognitive learning. Start by paying a lot of attention to the room and not to leave to too many toys lying around. The best practice is actually to hide many of their toys and to take out on a rotational basis. Important is to ensure that everything has its place. Like a closet for those wooden baby toys, that has always been her favourite. There is a closet for their clothes, a wardrobe to ft their size. Many children only need a few necessary clothes (which are again always too many). But there is nothing to do, keep replacing things and do the best to keep things in order or teach children how to keep things in order. This is always nearly impossible. Be careful in this you wouldn't want her growing up me telling her friends how obsessed her mother is with her placing everything in order? Throughout his life he might keep socks and sweaters in the same drawer, even though you might have repeated this more often that jerseys instead go in the second drawer. You will notice this laziness or maybe stubbornness in Play time. Well a way to teach them is also through play. Here are a few simple steps you play along: - The room must be regularly kept in order. Do this together, so he gets into the habit. - Even if the baby is small make him participate in the shuffling the wooden baby toys and ordering them again. Ultimate goal is to tidy the room. -Make sure every toy has its place - Take a game, you put it away and then take another - Compliment him with a Bravo, very good! And the best is: - Even the toys go to sleep. Make him understand the sense of order, by placing the wooden baby toys in order. To know more about our Wooden baby toys, please visit my website:
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