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How to create handcrafted wooden frames

Date Added: November 17, 2012 11:04:54 PM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Arts and Humanities: Design Arts
Canvas frames With this article we will explore how to turn your stretcher bars into a simple and original wooden frame using commonly used DIY tools to prepare the frame, for your photo on canvas, your photographs or as a unique gifts. The tools to be used All fans of DIY can test various methods themselves, but in the end, the creation of canvas frames is a job that requires little time and a good deal of dexterity and imagination, but it is not very hard or impossible. Wood is the material that lends itself easily to this kind of work because it is easy to work with, light weighted and highly customizable. You can leave the wood its natural colour or paint it a colour of your preference and it will still end up impressing your guests in the dining room or living room. The tools to be used for woodworking are those that are found in every household's drawer. These are simple general work tools like a bracket, a measuring tape, a hammer, a glass cutter and a hacksaw. The advice is to draw up a plan with accurate dimensions of the frame and how you would like this to be made, so you can walk into the store and buy all the necessary stuff also wood needed to create the canvas frames and not waste time. How to make the frames Those who do not have a clear idea can take a look at one of the many sites online that explain how to make picture frames, photo illustrated step by step, or the sites of stores that sell ready-made frames, for example, the websites have an extensive catalogue of canvas frames to choose from or simply take ideas and suggestions. Once you have taken careful measurements of the photo or picture you proceed with the trimming ends of the planks of wood at a forty-five degrees angle, with the help of a square and a pencil to mark the precise contours. Cut the wooden shafts, and paste them together with glue. These can be reinforced with nails and let dry for a few days and in the meantime you can cut the glass to fit, with a suitable cutter. Finally carve a thin layer of plywood the size of the frame, and fix the glass to the edges of the plywood using frame rotating tabs that can be purchased in a store. These are needed to open and close the back of the frame and easily replace the photo or picture. Those who are comfortable with the working on the plywood, can make exclusive perforated edges on the frame using the jig-head, carving designs pre-printed on the card and follow the contours for great results and elegant to be applied to the rest of the frame. Whatever the technique used to create the frames, try it yourself, the end result will certainly satisfactory. To know more about our rolls, please visit my website:
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