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How to print your photo on Canvas

Date Added: November 25, 2012 09:27:50 PM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Entertainment: Sports Entertainment
Little Bianca is a wonderful granddaughter that makes the whole family proud. Soon her grandmother's 40th anniversary will be celebrated and little Bianca has decided to give her a present of the family photo printed on canvas. So she started searching within her mother's photo album looking for fun photos to print on canvas and present this as a gift to her grandparents. Bianca has finally found the photo she loves, she has chosen a very beautiful picture of the grandparents and children 20 years ago while on a summer vacation. Her idea is to print the photo on a large canvas that would cover half of the wall. She wants to do it herself, so she asks herself how do I print the photo on canvas? She searches the internet for tips, and finally finds an article that explains to hear how to do it. Well the process is not easy. Here is what she needs in order to print the photo on canvas at home: A printer A canvas Transfer paper Colour clear tape Cloth Iron Scissors Personal computer The first step is to print the photo on transfer paper, but it is always advisable to do a test print on a simple page to see if the dimensions are correct. This is not to waste space or paper. Now that she is sure about the size and print, print the photo on the transfer paper and cut it out. She should place the image on the transfer paper with the printed side down touching the canvas. Take the canvas transfer it to a hard surface, like the floor and iron the transfer paper. Bianca needs to be careful in the process as the iron is very hot. It only takes 5 seconds for the image to fix to the canvas. Once the transfer paper has cooled, remove it from the canvas and at this point you will see the photo on canvas. You can create images and pictures of all kinds and sorts for all tastes. The colours as tempering or oil can be used to improve the design even though the black/white contrast is what makes the best effect. Once you have transfer the photo on canvas Bianca will need to frame it. She must be careful as she will be dealing with nails and hammer to frame it. Well after having read the process she decided it was easier for her to submit the collage she made for her grandmothers 40 wedding anniversary to and get it printed and framed by them. This will be safer and saving her money and time To know more about our pictures to canvas, please visit my website:
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