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How to decoupage on glass, wood or plastic in a simple guide

Date Added: November 25, 2012 11:15:46 PM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Arts and Humanities: Design Arts
(Stretcher bars) If you have decided to dedicate yourself to DIY and to decorate your home with the decoupage technique, know that it is not as difficult or impossible as it seems. The basic technique is perfect on all types of surfaces, from glass, wood through to plastic. This will be the ideal and truly unique gift item to give to their loved ones. The essential materials to make your own decoupage can be found now in all DIY stores as in all official retailers and on the internet. Of course you'll need the base to decorate, that in this example we will use stretcher bars, You will need scissors to crop the images, special glue, a brush, a bit 'of water and other products which will serve to maintain your decoupage masterpiece over time. With decoupage your stretcher bars with any kind of material. Images can be cropped from cards, napkins, but also from magazines, newspapers, gift cards. The cuttings should be applied on the object and then dusted with varnish to give the final artistic touch. How to glue your cuttings? You can use normal white wood glue to ensure they stick to the stretcher bars, maybe a little diluted 'in water, although they are in sale specific products that will cost a little more. The brushes, however, must be flat: they must definitely size two, one to two centimetres and a size 4. Remember to always have at hand a bowl of water, a bit 'of paper towels and even cotton buds to better define the image. Images should be cut carefully with scissors and do use precise cutting to get a perfect image. All types of paper cut outs are suited to this type of decoration. If a small detail breaks during cutting, do not panic: you can always redefine it with a little paint. The scraps of paper are first soaked in water and then placed in the chosen location on the stretcher bars and then brushed with a little 'PVA glue mixed with water. Be sure to rub it and stick it to the surface with your fingers to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. Remember that the PVA glue is transparent, so you can go beyond the edges. When the decoration is dry, you will need to go over it with a bit 'of water and varnish. Two coats of paint will be more than enough. And remember, stretcher bars decoupage must not be only cleaned with a damp cloth. To know more about our wooden stretcher frames, please visit my website:
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