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How to repair a frame

Date Added: December 02, 2012 09:04:04 PM
Author: Jeremy Kippler
Category: Arts and Humanities: Design Arts
Repairing the frame of a painting, a mirror or a photograph that you're particularly fond of is not a very difficult or an impossible task and needs to be left to be entrusted only to the expert hands of that know how to restore Frames. Often a very small operation is sufficient to bring the Stretcher Bars to its original splendour. One of the most frequent part that gets ruined and is in constant need of repair are the frame's to be repaired regards the joints: if an oblique joint loosens or breaks all you need to do is to apply a bit of glue to repair it. The next step would be to use a tape to wrap the stretcher bars, so that it is kept in place both horizontally and vertically. If is absolutely necessary you can add also some small nails to reinforce the structure or, in the case of frames of a significant size, use of brackets or steel angles. Sometimes, all that need to be replaced are the eyes or hooks on which the frame hangs on the wall. A way of fixing these is to mount threaded eyelets after you have the glass from the frame in order to avoid the risk of breaking the glass. Ensure the loops are attached firmly. You may also screw the eyelet directly on the wood, using pliers, a hammer and a nail. If the frame is deteriorating, try to intervene with the epoxy resin: Make a mould of the part of the frame that needs to be repaired by applying the resin on that area of the frame that is not damaged, then remove the resin while it is still soft and let it dry for a day. Then pour into the mould that has been freshly created some resin to cover the block in the mould. Once the resin is dry, cut out the shape and insert it into the missing part of the frame. To replace a damaged glass, you should instead rely to a glazier, by communicating the exact dimensions of the frame to be slightly smaller: while taking measurements make sure that the frame is in the upright position. To know more about our rolls, please visit my website:
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