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All About Directory Tree Print

Date Added: March 01, 2010 11:13:55 AM
Author: clqaire763
Category: Blogs: Computer
Before starting the review of the process of directory tree and file listing prints it'll be helpful to illustrate what a directory tree is. As long as a directory tree is a certain structural formation it will be logical to review briefly its structural components, including directories, sub-folders, files and so forth. The first level of the facts storing on the personal computer is a file. A file is a number of bytes determining the contents of the file. Each file is named in its own way. The info in the file may be in different forms: data, a program code, pictures, a movie or other data. The destination of the file is fixed by its content and the software resource it was created with. A directory tree constitutes a framework for files storage in operational system of each PC. The foundation of the directory tree is named root directory where you may create other directories (also known as subdirectories) or just new files. Directories are also called folders. They are exactly the same thing. Any subfolder in its turn includes internal directories and files. This division may be accomplished endless number of times. On the whole the structure of all info on the personal computer contained in directories, sub-directories and files makes a so-called directory tree. What is interesting, a directory tree does have a real tree structure – such terms as "root" and "branches" have entrenched themselves in computer world. There are cases when you need to print files list to memorize the files on the disc you've just burned. Great news is that there are specialized programs that give an opportunity to create stylish tree directory prints in a couple of minutes. What's more, you may export the content of the directories to the files of PDF and HTML formats. Such programs are usually suitable both for beginners and experienced users with high demands. In such a way, if you are a web-master who needs to have professional-looking directory listing for a website, you have an opportunity to do this with the help of specialized software.
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